"Its all downhill from here right ?"

Stage Stats

Distance 3.1 km
Time 15 mins
Elevation 24 m
Pain Factor 1/10

So why John O'Groats to Lands End ? - Obvious, its all downhill that way, why would anyone want to do the South to North, uphill route? The JOGLE Prologue stage was completed this evening. I let it slip in the car 2 miles from the SeaView hotel at John O'Groats that the furthest point North East is Duncansby Head (Not John O'Groats town centre) so after some debate we cycled out to the sea to officially start the ride. Its was a gentle 2km ride out to the lighthouse (good to stretch the legs after the long car journey).

The evening was glorious sunshine with crystal blue skies. Although a little bit chilly, it was still shorts and short sleeve attire. At the Lighthouse we could clearly see the Orkneys and outer islands, We stopped for a few photos and then headed back into JOG. Tomorrow is an early breakfast and then we are off in anger, big day on the bike tomorrow.

Please take a good look at the smiling faces with the sense of, "lets do it" all over them. You will notice a severe change in expression as the days go on.


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