Stage 4

"Need a stomach pump after eating road spray all day.."

Stage Stats

Distance 155.4 km
Time 6 hours 24 mins
Elevation 995m
Pain Factor 8/10

A late start today due to the fact breakfast was not till 7:30am and we had to drive back a little way to where we finished the day before. (This was a McDonalds drivethough and the smell almost made me do a lap and go through the drive through on my bike) After a minor detour trying to find the route (we crossed it twice until we realised it was on the canal beneath us.) We dropped down onto a great 20 mile cycle path that should take us all the way from Balloch - Loch Lomand, through Glasgow city center and out the other side.

The route is traffic free and is an excelent route through what would be a very busy city ride. We stopped of at Magic Cycles on the canal at Dunbarton (famous for every one who has done an End to End), his lordship bought a new pump as his current one had got so much use in the past three days that it was completely busted.  After the city the route climbs over Lanarkshire and more more and more sheep.

We follow the B road alongside the motorway, which had about 10 cars on it all day. (I am sure when the motorway is shut its a different game) I peddle on and eventually see his lordship by the side of the road bike on its head, pump and inner tubes spread everywhere (another puncture). Wheels patched and we plough on. I get my afternoon legs making some great time. Getting closer to the border really pushes you on.

The weather now takes a turn for the worse and the light drizzle turns into rain and then into torrential rain. We finish in Lockerbie after another long day on the saddle. Next task is to snarf a huge meal and a few beers and a game of Magic. We finished it all off with a Whisky. (Well tonight should be our last night in Scotland so we rose a toast to some of the best cycling in the UK) 

Tomorrow we break for the border and over into England.


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